It is said that at the beginning of the 18th century, in the Principality of Liège in Belgium, a young man named Victor was in love with a young woman from his village.

Louise was beautiful and enigmatic and Victor had eyes only for her but was too shy to approach her. So before finding the courage to declare his love, Victor decided to begin to pick the flowers of the trees. He wanted to offer the largest and most beautiful bunch of flowers. 

But months have passed and Victor did not find the courage to express his feelings. The flowers in the baskets accumulated in his parent’s cellar began to dry and were poured by accident in the wine barrels. The flowers began to macerate in the precious family rosé. Not only Victor had missed his chance with Louise but he destroyed the irreplaceable wine stock of his family.

Nevertheless, during the following season, when his parents tasted their wine production, they discovered a delicious taste and….fell in love as the first day. Amazed by the incredible effect this drink had on his parents, Victor decided to offer a bottle to Louise who, in love too, fell into his arms.

To pay tribute to this so particular love, the House Victor & Louise perpetuates the tradition by plucking once a year, by hand, the flowers of the Ardennes forest trees to create a unique rosé de fleurs.